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Durbin: O-Care vow needs clarification

Senate Majority Whip Dick DurbinDick DurbinSenate Dems: Add Flint aid to spending deal Spending bill doesn't include Cruz internet fight Overnight Tech: GOP says internet fight isn't over | EU chief defends Apple tax ruling | Feds roll out self-driving car guidelines | Netflix's China worries MORE (D-Ill.) on Tuesday said President Obama’s promise that people who like their insurance can keep it could have used some more clarification.

“A couple more sentences added would clarify it,” Durbin said during an interview with CNN. “The president apologized. He said very clearly he was sorry if he misled people.”

Durbin admitted that he was guilty of using the line as well, asserting he said it because he believed it.

“Well, I said it because I believed it,” he said. “Now I know I should have added, for 98 percent of American people, that is exactly true. For the other 2 percent in the individual market, there is frequent changes in policies. People are used to increases in their premiums and changes in their policies. That is something that's a reality. It should have been clarified.”

Durbin said a legislative fix would only happen if Republicans acted constructively to help find a solution. But he said there are those in the GOP who do not want to let the law work at all.

He was reacting to an interview with Bill Clinton posted Tuesday in which the former president said Obama should consider changing the law in order to keep his commitment to those on the individual insurance market. 

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