McCain: 'Blame it on Congress' is Obama's tagline

Sen. John McCain has a new acronym to define rhetoric in Washington,  “BIOC, Blame It On Congress.”

The Arizona senator joked on Fox News Friday that Democrats and the Obama administration have moved from blaming President George W. Bush for problems in Washington to blaming Congress, most notably Republicans in Congress. 

“I used to be BIOB., Blame It On Bush, now it’s BIOC, Blame It On Congress,” McCain chuckled.   

“What have we been doing the past three years, the stimulus, ObamaCare,” McCain said defending Congress’s record of passing several substantive bills since Obama took office.  

Sen. McCain went on to criticize Obama for comments he made during his trip to the G20 Summit in Cannes, France, this week in which he pointed to Republicans for not passing his jobs bill.  

“This really remarkable performance by the president, that usually when presidents are overseas, they usually don’t criticize the opposition party, but most of those things have been violated by the president so far, so I guess this isn’t surprising.”