Coburn: Obama 'abandoned truth'

Sen. Tom CoburnTom CoburnThe more complex the tax code, the more the wealthy benefit Congress, stop using our nation's military policy for political purposes Congress must rid itself of political 'pork' to preserve its integrity MORE (R-Okla.) says President Obama has “abandoned truth” in Washington.

“I think we’ve abandoned truth in Washington. The president has abandoned truth. They’re deceitful in what they speak often times whether it’s the rollout of ObamaCare, or any other subject. They’re not truthful,” he said Tuesday on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends."

Coburn says the extension of unemployment benefits would not benefit the country in the long run. The Senate will hold a test vote on the extension Tuesday morning. Around 1.3 million people who are out of work lost that insurance last week. Coburn also rejected the way the White House is framing the debate.

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