McConnell voices support for Inhofe EPA resolution

McConnell's support came a few hours ahead of the vote on the resolution on Wednesday.

"Sen. Inhofe is focusing on just one regulation out of many that are crushing businesses across the country — the so-called ‘Utility-MACT’ — which would cost American companies billions in upgrades — but their competitors overseas nothing," McConnell said.

The target of the resolution, McConnell said, expands the EPA's powers at costs of billions of dollars to taxpayers.

"This regulation would expand the already massive powers given to the EPA by increasing red tape and costing the taxpayer over $10 billion each year," McConnell continued. "In Kentucky alone, it threatens the jobs of over 1,400 people working in aluminum smelter plants as well as approximately 18,000 coal miners, not to mention those engaged in industries that support these jobs."

Advocates of the regulation aren't considering its impact on jobs, McConnell said.

"The proponents of the Utility-MACT say it’s needed to improve air quality. What they can’t tell you is what those benefits would be, or the effect of leaving the plants in their current condition," McConnell said. "Look: We all support clean air, but if we waved through every regulation that promised to improve air quality without regard for its actual impact, we wouldn’t be able to produce anything in this country.

"What we do know is a substantial amount of the electricity we produce in this country comes from coal, and this new regulation would devastate the jobs that depend on this cheap, abundant resource."