McConnell criticizes Democrats for tax votes

“They’re not even pretending to care about the economy anymore,” McConnell said Thursday on the floor. “I say that because two years ago, Democrats agreed that the higher taxes they’re now fighting for would hurt the economy. At a time when economic growth was 3.5 percent, 40 Democrats voted to keep rates where they were on the grounds that it was the best thing for jobs.

“Yet now, when the growth rate is 2 percent, and 13 million Americans still out of work, they’re voting to slam nearly a million businesses with a tax hike.”

Democrats voted for, and approved by 51-48, their own tax plan, the Middle Class Tax Cut Act, which extended tax rates for family income up to $250,000 a year. That measure isn’t expected to pass in the Republican-controlled House.

The Republican argument against raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans is that they are the job creators.

“So it’s one of two things: Either Democrats don’t even care about the economy and jobs anymore, either they’re just embracing ‘Thelma and Louise’ economics and hoping people support them for some other reason — or their economic worldview is so far outside the mainstream of everyone else who has looked at the situation that they think 2 percent growth and 13 million unemployed is good enough,” McConnell said. “That’s where this ideological crusade of theirs is taking them.”