Sen. Schumer: Ryan doesn't deserve media 'halo' for budget plan

"He creates this halo for himself that he's a budget producer," Schumer said on CBS's "This Morning." He called the halo "undeserved" and charged that the "mainstream media" is culpable for perpetuating the idea.

"You can't give him a halo ... when his budget does nothing to reduce the deficit," he said. Ryan's proposal as the chairman of the House Budget Committee, which is not the same as GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's plan, would balance the budget in 2040.

"Everyone attacks Democrats on our budget issues; Ryan should be attacked, and now he is," he continued, referring to Democrats' strong push-back over Ryan's speech to the Republican National Convention last week. 

Democrats have hit Ryan hard since his speech, charging him with intentionally misrepresenting the president's record.

Ryan, in a separate interview on Fox News Wednesday morning, called the charges "way off base" and said he stands behind the accuracy of everything he said in his speech.

In particular, the Obama campaign claims Ryan blamed the president for the closure of a General Motors plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wis., calling his remarks a "falsehood." The plant closed in December of 2008, after Obama was elected but before he assumed office.

Ryan has defended his statements, saying he was simply "pointing out the inconvenient truths of this administration" and that he did not blame Obama for closing the GM plant. Ryan as accused the Obama team of mischaracterizing his own words.

Schumer on Wednesday insisted that Ryan, in his speech, stretched the truth further than any other politician.

"Politicians stretch the truth, politicians cut corners when they are in a box," he admitted. "I've never seen this kind of thing." He called it "an act of chutzpah."