McCain spoofs Teddy’s losing streak at Nats games

During the fourth inning of each home game for the D.C. baseball team, the larger-than-life likenesses of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Roosevelt go head-to-head in a race around the ballpark. 

Out of more than 500 games, the bespectacled T.R. has yet to win a race.

ESPN’s E:60 documented Roosevelt’s losing streak in a satirical video released Tuesday. In the eight-minute clip narrated by Ken Burns, McCain declares, “I’m paying a lot of attention to the fact that one of the truly great presidents in history has never won a race. I am outraged. That’s why I’m calling for congressional hearings to right this horrible wrong.” 

While a piano softly plays in the background, McCain, a war veteran, laments, “It’s a heartbreaking experience. It’s one of the more traumatic experiences I’ve had, as I watch my hero, my childhood idol, being treated in such a cavalier fashion.”