Sen. Sherrod Brown ‘mortified’ by thought of dancing video

In the short clip, the smiling Ohio Democrat is seen waving a hand in the air and moving from side to side while rapper Jay-Z performed his hit “On to the Next One” at one of Obama’s final campaign stops Monday in the Buckeye State. Brown’s attire as he cut a rug next to his wife and daughter wasn’t exactly rap video-ready — he wore a Mr. Rogers-esque crimson-colored sweater over a dress shirt.

On Tuesday’s “Bill Press Show,” Brown told the radio and Current TV host, “I was just mortified because I didn’t know what [the video] looked like.” But the lawmaker seemed satisfied with what he saw, saying, “Could’ve been worse. Fortunately, my wife and daughter look pretty good and I look passable, I guess.”

But don’t expect the senator, who turns 60 on Friday, to be a regular at hip-hop concerts now. 

Brown briefly met Jay-Z and described him as a "nice guy."

“My daughter just loves Jay-Z and I can’t say that I’m really a big fan. But I like it.”

Brown won a second term Tuesday night in a tight race against Republican challenger Josh Mandel.