Durbin: Tax deduction cap 'part of our discussion' on fiscal cliff

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The Senate majority whip did not know if the White House was on board with the idea, but confirmed that senators were discussing the notion.

"I have no idea whether it's on the White House agenda, but it has been part of our discussion," he said on MSNBC. "We understand that if you take a look at tax expenditures, $1.2 trillion a year, there's room there to save some money and reduce the deficit."

The idea of placing a limit on the total amount of tax deductions a person can claim was first floated on the campaign trail by Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Now, with the two parties in Congress looking for areas to compromise to avert the combination of automatic spending cuts and expiring tax cuts set to take effect in 2013, such a cap is a topic of conversation on Capitol Hill.

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