Boxer mocks Boehner's deficit proposal as his 'happy holiday gift'

Boehner’s plan would reduce the deficit by $2.2 trillion and include $800 billion in new revenue by eliminating some tax deductions.

Boxer said eliminating some deductions, such as the mortgage and charitable donation deductions, in Boehner’s plan would harm the middle class.

“One [deduction] is for your mortgage and charitable donations, and I ask what billionaire doesn’t own their own home,” Boxer said.

She added that if Republicans were being honest with themselves they’d admit that they’re trying to “protect millionaires and billionaires.”

Republicans say raising taxes on any income level would harm the economy and job growth.

Boxer also called on Boehner to hold a vote on the Senate-passed Middle Class Tax Cut Act, which would extend the Bush-era tax rates for those making less than $250,000 a year.

“The House has been sitting on it,” Boxer said on the floor Wednesday. “Here we are six months later and they refuse to take it up because of internal disputes. 

“It’s time for them to put country over their ideological battles.”

Republicans have said they want to extend the Bush-era tax rates, which expire next year, for all taxpayers. Boxer said Democrats are giving Republicans 98 percent of what they’re asking for because that’s the percentage of taxpayers that would get the tax break.

“If we’re having an argument and I say I’ll give you 98 percent of what you want and you walk away, I’d say you’re unreasonable,” Boxer said. “We’re giving Republicans 98 percent of the tax cuts they want.”

Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) joined Boxer on the floor to speak on the same issue.