Chef Schumer? Senator plates pie ahead of inauguration

The New York Democrat and chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies trades the Capitol for the kitchen as he tries his hand at plating a fancy inaugural dessert in a new video released by the committee.

In the clip, Schumer plays sous chef as he preps a plate with honeycomb, cheeses and maple caramel sauce. But he commits quite a culinary no-no before placing a piece of Hudson Valley apple pie atop his creation — (although he’s first granted permission from the chef guiding him) he dips one of his digits in the caramel sauce and then licks his sugarcoated index finger.

“Mmm, that is so good!” Schumer exclaims with a big thumbs up.

The pie will be served as dessert for the official inaugural luncheon on Jan. 21.

After he gets a chance to taste test the patriotic pastry, Schumer says with a smile, “Heaven. Really good. I love apple pie.”