Paul, Graham debate GOP views on sequester

"On his watch we are going to unravel the greatest military in the world,” he said. “Iran is watching us...we are allowing people to be slaughtered in Syria.” Graham said that the Senate Democratic proposal to replace the sequester with more tailored defense cuts, farm program cuts and tax increases was laughable.

“Let's put Obamacare on the table,” he said.

Paul was far more comfortable with allowing sequetration.

He said that while the across-the-board nature of the cuts, which will be accomplished by a type of seizure known as sequestration, is not idea, the cuts are needed.

“Ideally we would have done the right thing and passed appropriation bills...the sequester is sort of a hammer,” he said.

But he added that the sequester and 8 years of similar cuts slated to take effect still leave spending on an upward path.

“The sequester is really a reduction in the rate of growth of spending, it is not a real cut in spending,” he said. “Even with the sequester, spending will still rise overall.”

Paul denounced Obama for listing new programs in his State of the Union and proposing to pay for them with tax increases and said that attempts by Obama to paint the GOP as the party protecting tax breaks for the wealthy were empty and false.

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