Sen. Johnson: Obama health law will ‘lead to rationing’

Johnson made the comments ahead of the release of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) budget this week that assumes the repeal of the signature healthcare reform law. 

Ryan said on Sunday that he would not back down from efforts to repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act despite criticism that GOP efforts to undo the bill will falter.

“This is what budgeting is all about. It’s about making tough choices to fix our country’s problems. We believe ObamaCare is a program that will not work,” Ryan said.

Johnson on Monday acknowledged that the healthcare law was “obviously the law of the land right now.” 

“Obviously, I’m concerned about it,” he added.

“It dramatically increases the demand for healthcare, 30 million Americans getting healthcare ... while it dramatically reduces the supply,” Johnson warned. “That doesn’t reduce the cost curve.”

The Wisconsin senator said there were ways to expand coverage and reduce healthcare costs through the free-market system.

“I want everybody to be able to access healthcare, affordable healthcare but you do that through the free market, not government control,” Johnson said.