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Sen. Mikulski belts out 'You are my sunshine'

In a pre-taped clip that aired on Washington’s ABC affiliate, WJLA-TV, the Maryland Democrat had a message for longtime local weatherman Bob Ryan, declaring, “I just wanted to let you know we are so proud of the 30 years you’ve given to weather forecasting here in Maryland.”

Wearing a blue sweater and white blouse, the 76-year-old lawmaker then said, “From all of us in Maryland, we just say we love you and we want to say,” before bursting into song.

Mikulski is seen occasionally peeking down at notes that likely had the lyrics to the classic 1939 tune, and at one point puts her hands over her heart as she sings.

After seeing the clip, Ryan replied with a laugh, “The sunshine isn’t going away completely.”

No word on whether Mikulski’s next stop will be “American Idol” or “The Voice.”