Coburn: Romney donors fear they were targeted by IRS

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Coburn made the charge during an interview on MSNBC. 

"What I would tell you is our whistle-blower side is lit up," Coburn said Thursday on MSNBC. "And I got a phone call yesterday, and one of the things I want to know is everybody that contributed to Romney, I want to know what their audit rate was because the indications out of Oklahoma are, right now, is if you happened to be a conservative and wealthy and gave to Romney, you had an audit where you'd never gotten an audit before. 

"And so there are a lot of questions that still have to be answered," Coburn said. "Maybe that's untrue but that's certainly the implication from people that are calling me from Oklahoma." 

Coburn's comments come as Congress is investigating the IRS's targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for additional scrutiny. The IRS has apologized for inappropriately flagging groups for additional scrutiny because they had certain words in their titles, such as Tea Party.

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