Sen. Corker: Border amendment 'strongest' I can imagine

"This is the strongest border amendment I can imagine being in place along the border," Corker said on Fox News.

Corker and fellow Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) drafted the amendment to the bipartisan immigration reform bill to address Republican concerns about border security.

The measure would double the total number of patrol agents and add more than 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border at a cost of $38 billion.

The Senate is expected to vote on the amendment on Monday.

Immigration reform proponents hailed the amendment, which they hope will help the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration bill win more than 70 votes. Supporters of the bill say a strong majority is crucial to moving the bill through the GOP-controlled House where immigration reform faces an uphill fight.

Corker said that those who were serious about acting on immigration would rally behind the measure.

"If you're serious about border security you would vote about this amendment," Corker said.