Scarborough: Cheney, Enzi race is 'neo-con versus realist'

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“She is a neo-con, she believes in a much more active foreign policy like her father [former Vice President Dick Cheney],” Scarborough said. "I think it's neo-con versus realist."

Scarborough noted that Enzi would have the support of  Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has been a critic of many foreign policy decisions from the Bush and Obama administrations.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said Cheney, 46, is marketing her campaign against the 69-year-old Enzi, making his age an issue and cautioned that could turn off many voters.

“There’s no question to me and to others here at the table she’s making it young against old, and not in a nice way,” Brzezinski said.

Cheney released a Web video announcing her candidacy earlier this week, calling for a “new generation of leaders to step up to the plate,” although she made no specific reference to Enzi.

Enzi on Wednesday rebuffed the suggestion that he is too old to serve in the Senate.

“I’m the median age,” Enzi told CNN. He touted his experience in the upper chamber and said he had earned the trust of his colleagues during his career.