Sen. Paul ratchets up feud with Gov. Christie

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Monday ratcheted up his feud with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), accusing him of cheapening the debate over National Security Agency surveillance by invoking the victims of 9/11.

“It’s really I think kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say – ‘I’m the only one who cares about these victims.’ Hogwash!,” Paul said on Fox News’s "Hannity." “If he cared about protecting this country maybe he wouldn’t be in this gimme, gimme, gimme, give me all the money you have in Washington or don’t have, and he’d be a little more fiscally responsive and know that the way we defend our country, the way we have enough money for national defense, is by being frugal and not being gimme, gimme all the time.”

Last week, Christie singled out Paul directly while defending the NSA’s surveillance programs. In comments at the Aspen Institute, Christie warned of a dangerous “strain of Libertarianism” that he says could open the U.S. up to further attacks.

“I think it’s not very smart. [Christie] may have heard that, you know, the Republican Party is on life support in the Northeast. Republicans are in danger of becoming an endangered species,” Paul said. “It’s not smart for Republicans to be attacking Republicans, but I would remind him that what is dangerous is to forget that we have a Bill of Rights, to forget about privacy and give up on all of our liberty that you have to live in a police state.”