McConnell: Halting ObamaCare unsuccessful but worthwhile

“It is pretty clear now that that is not going to succeed in the Senate where we have a math problem,” McConnell said in an interview with NewsMax

“So I think it was worth the effort, worth highlighting it, but I do think that ObamaCare is not over, the Democrats are going to crack at some point,” he continued. 

Days into a government shutdown and just weeks away from a deadline on the U.S. borrowing limit, McConnell said it is “highly irresponsible” for President Obama to refuse to negotiate to raise the debt ceiling. 

Nonetheless, he said he is confident “we are not going to default.”

McConnell described himself as a thorn in the side of the president. Up for reelection in 2014, McConnell said he is proud of the enemies he has made. 

“I’m a thorn in the side to the president, and I’m sure they’d like to defeat me,” he said. “And I’m frankly proud of my enemies. I wouldn’t trade them for any group of people I can think of.”