Rubio: GOP ‘missed a golden opportunity’ to stop ObamaCare

On Wednesday, Congress approved a bipartisan Senate deal that reopened the government and averted a U.S. default on its loans. Republicans had shut down the government for more than two weeks in an effort to get Democrats to agree to repeal and defund parts of ObamaCare. In the end, the GOP caved as the country neared default, which the Treasury Department said would have caused global economic chaos.

Rubio urged opponents of ObamaCare not to give up hope because there will be more opportunities to stop President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“The one thing I want people to understand is: They should not feel depressed about this or discouraged about the long term of it,” Rubio said. “We are going to prevail on this issue. It is just a matter of time.”

The Senate bill ended the shutdown, funds the government through Jan. 15 and raises the debt ceiling until Feb. 7. Congress also formed a budget conference committee between the House and Senate that would will to report back by Dec. 13 and requires stricter income verification for recipients of ObamaCare subsidies.

Republicans are expected to ask for cuts to entitlement programs — including ObamaCare — during budget negotiations, and if that doesn’t work, they could try to risk another default to get what they want, but some within the party have warned against using the U.S. credit as a weapon in the ObamaCare fight.