May 22, 2015

McCain calls White House spox an 'idiot'

The Arizona Republican slammed the White House's statements on ISIS.
May 20, 2015

Paul's filibuster wraps up after more than 10 hours

"My voice is rapidly leaving, my bedtime has long since passed," he said as he wrapped up.
May 20, 2015

Paul disrupts Senate endgame

The Senate might not have enough time to get trade and national security bills done.
May 13, 2015

Senate reaches deal on trade

Senate leaders have reached a deal to revive Obama’s trade agenda.
Obama, Passport, Australia
May 12, 2015

Trade vote set for defeat, dealing tough blow to Obama

The White House acknowledged the Senate does not have the votes to move forward.
May 12, 2015

Reid rips NFL for suspending Brady, ignoring 'racist' Redskins name

“The Redskins name is a racist name,” Reid said. 
April 22, 2015

Inhofe: Obama wants legacy of eliminating fossil fuels

Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) says President Obama wants to "do...
April 22, 2015

Paul dons shades, fist-bumps Reid

Paul gave a fist-bump to Harry Reid on the Senate floor.
April 20, 2015

Senate nearing deal to confirm Lynch

A vote on Obama's attorney general nominee could come as early as Wednesday.
April 20, 2015

Manchin: Reid's leadership did not work

The Democrat announced Sunday that he'll remain in the Senate.