March 11, 2015

Reid 'heartened' that seven GOP senators didn't sign Iran letter

“Seven out of 54, certainly seven better than nothing,” the Democrat said.
March 6, 2015

Menendez 'not going anywhere' despite reports of charges

Attorney General Eric Holder has reportedly signed off on the charges.
March 2, 2015

Mikulski to retire from Senate

The Maryland Democrat is the longest-serving woman in congressional history.
February 26, 2015

Reid vows to block DHS conference

Reid says Democrats won't talk about GOP changes to the clean Homeland Security bill.
February 25, 2015

Boehner stands firm: Senate must act first

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) stood firm Wednesday that the Senate must vote on a bill to...
February 25, 2015

Senate Dems back 'clean' DHS bill

Sen. Harry Reid said Democrats will seek an "overwhelming vote" in favor.
February 25, 2015

WHIP LIST: House Republicans split on ‘clean’ Homeland Security funding

The Homeland Security Department will shut down on Saturday. 
February 24, 2015

McConnell puts squeeze on House

The Kentucky Republican is racing against the clock to fund DHS.
February 24, 2015

Reid sports sunglasses at presser

Reid is wearing the sunglasses to protect his eyes after surgery.
February 24, 2015

Dem: Obama 'overstepped' on immigration

Sen. Joe Manchin said he will vote with GOP against 2014 immigration orders.