November 12, 2014

Reid: 'No desire' to obstruct GOP

The Democratic leader said he wants to make the Senate "function again."
November 12, 2014

Landrieu pushes for Senate Keystone vote

The Louisiana Dem is pushing for the oil sands pipeline to boost her December runoff bid.
November 11, 2014

Dems won't battle for spending panel

Leahy says he won't challenge Mikulski as senior Dem on Appropriations. 
November 11, 2014

Dem strategist: GOP, Dems will build trust

A veteran Democratic political operative tells The Hill that both parties are under pressure to...
November 11, 2014

McCain: I 'imagine' AG would be approved by new Senate

"This is a very outstanding young woman from everything I can tell," McCain said.
November 7, 2014

GOP game plan: Make Dems the party of no

With the GOP in control of both the House and Senate, The Hill's Editor-in-Chief Bob Cusack...
November 6, 2014

Tea Party vows to oust Reid in 2016

The Tea Party Express says it will target the Democratic leader in the next election.
November 6, 2014

GOP preps for power

Sen. McConnell and Rep. Boehner vow to send Obama a slew of legislation.
November 5, 2014

LIVE: Obama addresses midterm fallout

President Obama will hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon, facing the White House press corps...