Issa: Obama was 'poorly served' in ObamaCare rollout

Rep. Darrell IssaDarrell Edward IssaCalifornia Republicans seek turnout boost to avert midterm disaster Is Paul Ryan the latest sign of crumbling Republican Party? Lawmakers question FBI director on encryption MORE (R-Calif.) says President Obama was "poorly served" in the implementation of ObamaCare. 

"The president has been poorly served in the implementation of his own signature legislation,” he said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” 

“If somebody doesn’t lead, and if there isn’t a real restructuring — and not just a 60 days, somebody come in and fix it — then he’s missing the point of Management 101."

Issa serves as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which threatened to subpoena officials from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) if they don’t provide his panel with documents detailing the ObamaCare rollout. 

“We’re looking for quick answers, on behalf of the American people, so that we can straighten out as much as can be straightened out that’s above the water, which is the website, and the 90 percent that’s below the water like an iceberg that are the other problems in ObamaCare,” he said.

The website has faced technical malfunctions since it went online at the beginning of October. Since the legislation was first introduced more than three years ago, Issa has pushed for its repeal. 

Asked if HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should resign, Issa suggested that he isn't in favor of such a move immediately. 

“If she cannot reorganize to get the kind of a team in consistently to meet his agenda, then she shouldn’t be there,” he said. “Right now, when she says, she didn’t know, why didn’t she know that the president’s signature legislation is in fact in trouble?”

The department said late last week it intends to have the website running properly by the end of November. Obama has appointed former Office of Management and Budget Director Jeff Zients to oversee the fix-it process.