Sen. Tom Udall: 'My heart is broken' by Syrian videos

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An opponent of President Obama’s plan to launch a military mission into Syria said that new videos seeming to show the victims of chemical weapons attacks do not change his mind.

“My heart is broken when I see that video and you see women and children dying as a result of chemical weapons,” Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) said on "Meet the Press" on Sunday

“But the big question for the Congress right now is what is the most effective way to move forward? I think the American people don’t want to be embroiled in a Middle Eastern civil war,” he said. “This is an act of war that we’re going to take.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee released the videos on Saturday seeming to show people convulsing and suffering from a chemical weapons attack. The panel said that the videos were from an attack in the suburbs of Damascus, the Syrian capital, during which 1,400 people were killed. 

Udall has broken with the president in opposing the proposal to strike in Syria.

He accused the administration of abandoning the United Nations Security Council. The United States should force Russia and China, which have opposed the U.S. in the body, to confront American evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad ordered chemical weapons to be used, Udall added.

“We ought to be rallying the world because all the world agrees you shouldn’t use chemical weapons, and make sure that Russia knows that they’re complicit in this,” he said.

The comments were a reiteration of a point he made directly to Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week.