Obama: 'I used to be youthful and attractive'

President Obama says he “used to be youthful and attractive,” before he landed in the White House.


In a speech before a meeting of House Democrats in Philadelphia on Thursday, Obama threw out zingers left and right.

While thanking Rep. Ben Ray Luján (N.M.), Obama said the new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman should “not feel overly disappointed when his hair gets grey, because in this job, it will.”

“I used to be youthful …” Obama declared with a grin, before pausing for a moment to add, “and attractive like him.”

“We’ll see how long that lasts, brother,” Obama said to laughs.

The president then envisioned what Lujan might look like the future, comparing him to a former DCCC chairman: “He’s going to have hair like [Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.)].”