10. Shouldn’t all defenders of life express enormous gratitude to former Rep. Henry Hyde, who died last week after a long and distinguished congressional career?
9. How many innocent lives did Rep. Hyde save with his successful efforts to ban federal funding for abortions?
8. Did the Sudanese “moderates” win out when a court decided to sentence a British teacher to 15 days in jail rather than 40 lashes for “insulting Islam” for allowing her young students to name a teddy bear “Mohammed”?
7. When will these people let go of the 11th century?
6. If we had a law against “insulting Christianity,” how many Hollywood celebrities, Harvard professors and struggling SoHo artists would still be walking around free?
5. How does Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton get off criticizing Sen. Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaThe Memo: Trump's strengths complicate election picture Obama shares phone number to find out how Americans are planning to vote Democrats' troubling adventure in a 'Wonderland' without 'rule of law' MORE or anyone else’s healthcare plan? Her Hillary Care I is still the worst healthcare plan ever conceived.
4. Why is it so important for Democrats that we have “universal” healthcare? Lots of younger, unmarried workers can get along just fine without health insurance.
3. Isn’t this the nanny state run amok? Why doesn’t libertarian Rep. Ron Paul talk more about this than black helicopters and the Council on Foreign Relations?
2. Did we catch Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonEpstein podcast host says he affiliated with elites from 'both sides of the aisle' Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in repose at Supreme Court Business groups start gaming out a Biden administration MORE fibbing just a bit when he said the other day that he was “always and strongly” against the Iraq war?
1. Shouldn’t we all hope that Hugo Chavez’s plan to become dictator for life goes down to defeat in Sunday’s vote in Venezuela? Why haven’t we heard yet from Chavez defender Sean Penn?