I assume everyone has the same problem I do with my BlackBerry. Big numbers of my e-mails are scams.

These days more and more of them come from far-off places like Nigeria and Russia. They make grandiose promises if only I send a small down payment. Of course they’re entirely bogus.

But not all come from such distant lands. These days, a lot of the misleading messages originate right here in the US of A. I'm talking about the constant e-mails from politicians.

We’ve all received the pitches, so we know that they are similar in many respects to the spam from overseas. They offer phony rewards and ask for money.

How many times have Democrats told us that they need campaign contributions so they can turn the war around in Iraq? Maybe I've missed something but I haven't discerned any turnaround.

Republicans are just as bold. Funds are needed to keep our country safe from terrorists and gays, and immigrants, not to mention that clearest danger to the American way of life, Democrats.

Perhaps both parties can save some money by outsourcing. Everyone else does it. Maybe they can join forces with those offering foreign lottery winnings and inheritances. Are they any more far-fetched than pledging to "... turn things around in Washington"?

Whether these e-mails origins are, political or otherwise suspect, the plain truth is that the real jackpot winners are always the senders. Because people actually give money to the hucksters. Suckers, as the man said, are still born every minute.