According to an extraordinarily small story in The Washington Post, the FEC fined Americans Coming Together, a group financed by George Soros and labor organizations, $775,000 for illegal campaign activities.

I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but sometimes you have to wonder.

ACT broke the law. They coordinated their campaign activities. The FEC found that they used illegally raised money to fund political ads, telemarketing and door-to-door canvassing.

This shouldn’t surprise most Americans, because they were the ones being harassed by this voter drive. And this shouldn’t surprise Republicans, because they knew that they were getting killed by an illegal campaign.

But you still have to marvel at the cleverness of Soros and his minions.

First, they spend millions of dollars to erect new campaign laws, thereby disarming Republicans by tearing down the power of the political parties.

According to a November 2003 Washington Post article, “Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, which promotes changes in campaign finance, has benefited from Soros’s grants over the years. Soros has backed altering campaign finance, an aide said, donating close to $18 million over the past seven years.”

When McCain-Feingold passed, it marked the end of the power of the political party.

And then Soros creates his own shadow campaign world, unaccountable and now found to be illegal. ACT is only part of that equation. is another part. Some estimate that Soros and his team have spent close to a half-billion dollars to bring down Republicans.

And of course, they were successful in the last election, where the MoveOn-ers and the ACTers really took it to the Republicans, with an effective ground, air and net campaign.

And now he is forced to fork over a paltry $775,000 to pay for this brazen outflanking of the new laws that he enacted.

I am sure that Soros only thinks of that as an opportunity cost.

Has Fred Werthheimer been complicit in this double-dealing?

Of course, he gets to claim that he is bipartisan, because after all, Democracy 21 filed the lawsuit against Soros.

But after taking millions of dollars from Soros in the first place, can anyone seriously believe that Werthheimer’s hands are clean?

Werthheimer was the face of the Soros campaign to destroy the influence of political parties. And now he should share the blame with Soros for the rise of special interest, shadow organizations that are unaccountable to the voters and illegal according to the FEC.

If he wants to maintain a shred of credibility, he should return every last dime that Soros gave him.