Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has the highest approval rating of any governor in the United States — in the high 80s. Alaskans like to say she's the prettiest governor in the United States, but she's definitely done her share of work on fishing boats. I had a chance to sit down with her this week for a one-on-one interview from her offices in Anchorage. It's amazing that any Republican elected state official would have such a high approval rating given the negative sentiment towards our president and other Republicans for their fierce and uncompromising support of the war in Iraq.

Gov. Palin made clear the importance of Alaska fisheries and science to the United States. Alaska is one of the premier suppliers of salmon and fish in this country, as well as oil and gas. The governor has attributed Alaska's continued dominance in these arenas to the fact that many of Alaska's pristine environments are unaccessible by car due to the lack of roads and are therefore inaccessible for large-scale tampering. She feels strongly that once-unspoiled areas of the world are accessible, they are forever damaged and in many ways destroyed. Gov. Palin understands that Alaska is not the dominant source of oil production it was decades ago and that the day could come that her state could cease to produce any oil. In this regard she works frantically and tirelessly to find alternative energy sources. She would welcome the day when her state receives a smaller subsidy from the federal government.

Palin wants to provide for Alaska in the present and the future. In the present she wants to use the current resources of gas and petroleum for revenue and resources for the needs of the state. In the future she wants to join with, or perhaps even lead, a country-wide movement to seek out and utilize alternative sources of energy. She made it clear that she feels this is a blessed state, and seeing the beautiful skies and interacting with the people here, I have no choice but to agree. I heard good ideas during the interview; in the end, time will tell if Gov. Sarah Palin is a great leader in addition to a good interviewee.