The U.S. policy on the war on terror should be simple. No safe havens for terrorists. That is why we invaded Afghanistan. That is why we took out Saddam Hussein (although you can make the argument that Saddam had as much love for bin Laden as we did). That is why we have to push hard to end the safe havens on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

There are two ways you can take away safe havens. You can invade and occupy. Or you can infiltrate and bomb. Neither way is very pretty and both can lead to bloody mistakes. But this is war, and no matter how hard the Democrats would like to wish it away, we have to fight this war with a lot of firepower. 

I am not a military strategist, but it seems to me we are using the wrong tactics in Iraq. Instead of having the Army rumble through the streets of Baghdad getting shot at by snipers and sabotaged by roadside bombs, we should have more covert operations taking out the bad guys with nighttime raids and bombing campaigns. The focus should be al Qaeda. Pacification and democratic perfection is a pipe dream. Let’s make Iraq more dangerous for al Qaeda as we make it less dangerous for us.

We also need to bring more pressure on Pakistan. They should understand that whatever deals they cut with bin Laden’s allies don’t work for us. Sovereignty is an important principle, but when their sovereignty threatens our safety, their sovereignty should go out the window. Musharraf can’t have it both ways, and with the recent attack on the Red Mosque, he might as well be on our side anyway. The other team hates him as much as they hate us.

In Afghanistan, the situation grows murkier every day. The Taliban seems resurgent, mostly because of the support they get from terrorists in safe havens in Pakistan. Once again, safe havens lead to more peril for Americans.

Pulling out of Iraq creates a giant safe haven for al Qaeda and other radical extremists. It is a stupid idea, and the politicians who preach that we should pull out are not only naïve, they are dangerous.

We need to stay on the offensive against radical Islam. We need to fight them with our firepower. We need to fight them with our intelligence. We need to fight them with our economic power. We need to fight them with our cultural power. We need to take away their safe havens. The liberals who want us to surrender need to get a clue.