According to The Washington Post, George Bush has been holding private sessions with historians and philosophers, asking to save his legacy. Forget it. He’s just destroyed his legacy.

Just as Gerald Ford will be forever remembered as the president who pardoned Richard Nixon, George Bush will now be forever remembered as the president who let Scooter Libby scoot, without serving even one day in jail.

Yes, that will be the legacy of George W. Bush, now and forever.   What Americans have learned from his commutation of Libby’s sentence is:

•    Crime does pay.
•    It is OK to lie under oath.
•    It is OK to undermine national security for political purposes. And ...
•    There is equal justice under the law for everybody except George Bush’s buddies.

Here’s the ultimate irony: For six years, in hundreds of cases, the Bush Justice Department has consistently resisted any watering-down of federal sentencing guidelines, insisting that federal sentencing must be tough, mandatory and inflexible. George Bush didn’t hesitate to throw that policy out the window when one of his own friends was on the line.

Letting Scooter Libby off the hook is an insult to every American taught to obey the law. At the very least, he should have served as much time as Paris Hilton.