A current supporter of the neo-prohibitionist movement asserts that:

“The death penalty for drunks that kill innocent people will probably not be a deterrent, but, given a few years, we can kill enough drunks that it might be halfway safe to drive on the roads again.”

Presently, we see people as young as 16 years old to those 65-plus who believe they are above the law, and drive while intoxicated, killing thousands of people yearly. This has led to an increasing number of innocent, unforeseen deaths. People who decide to drive while drunk appear to be the most selfish of humans and should be charged as though they are committing first-degree murder. They decide to drink more than they can handle, and even further, step into a car assuming they are capable of driving. This is premeditation.

There is no excuse for this kind of irrational behavior, and we should not lose lives because of irresponsible, irrational behavior that is so preventable and, frankly, stupid. It is deeply hurtful to think that any mother should be awakened in the middle of the night to see a police officer at her door telling her that her son or daughter was just killed in a drunk-driving accident. Then, in court, the drunk driver is sentenced to probation, community service, or maybe a 2-3 year prison sentence.

More recently, we have Tonya Bell, the 30-year-old who crashed into a D.C festival, injuring over 40 people, and was said to be smoking crack all day long. Alcohol is not the only substance abuse leading to death, and drugs are no different. If it is so easy for someone to leave a party or their home completely out of their wits, they clearly realize how slack our criminal justice system is and realize that their arraignment will merely add a little scratch to their police records.

Murderers, drunks and drug abusers must face the ultimate consequences for their dastardly deeds. Will you now join me in advocating the death penalty for these first-degree homicides?