It is June 5 and we remember Robert Kennedy, who was taken from us much too soon.

I may be on “The Air Americans” tonight and was thinking about whether it would be fitting to mention this.

Most people don’t realize, but a date can be Googled. Put in the date, and what comes up is everything that happened in the world that day. I Googled June 3, 4 and 5 of 1968 — Robert Kennedy and amazing things came up.

The poor people’s march was coming to Washington. The Apollo program was investigating whether toxins were harming astronauts. Walt Rostow was writing memos about Vietnam.

I came across a number of references to Robert Kennedy’s speech in Indiana the night Martin Luther King was killed.   It is easy to find the text, and hear the tape.

Imagine. His brother Jack had been murdered. That day his friend Martin Luther King was murdered. He was speaking to a group of blacks who did not know of the assassination when he addressed them, shortly before he himself was killed.

He talked about how Martin Luther King stood for reconciliation, compassion and love.

He talked about how the real issue is what kind of nation we are.

He talked about how Americans needed to be reunited, the violence had to end, the country had to come together, the hatred and anger had to give way to togetherness and hope.

That night there were riots all over America, but not where Robert Kennedy spoke.

We need leaders like Jack.

We need leaders like Martin.

We need leaders like Bobby.

Today we remember them.

Tomorrow we try again.

They are missed, but we are here, and again, a divided country needs to be brought together.