It is a simple proposition that Paul Wolfowitz should be fired from the World Bank, now, because:

1. He helped a girflriend in a way that lacked the integrity necessary to lead the World Bank.

2. He has created such alienation and anger among the World Bank senior management and staff that he has lost all crediblity and all capability of managing the institution.

3. At a time when the Bank should be rooting out corruption in the nations that receive its funds, Wolfowitz destroys
the credibility of the Bank itselt with respect to both donor and recipient nations.

At the Bank, Wolfowitz has demonstrated the kind of imperial arrogance that is a hallmark of where George W. Bush went tragically and catastrophically wrong in Iraq.

There is an imperial grandeur, a sense of being above the rules and above the law, a lack of respect for other people and the standards that the rest of us live by.

It is not a close call. Paul Wolfowitz must go. Now.