Americans are besieged by crises and upheavals these days.

From Don Imus to the acquittal of the Duke lacrosse players to the terrorist attacks at Virginia Tech, we’ve been bombarded and now our emotions and anger are on overdrive. Every week there's a new headline putting into perspective the emotional rollercoaster we faced just the week before. Are the times we live in today more prone to violence, mass murder, destruction, and injustice because of the Information Age?

One has to admit that the Imus affair and the tragedy at Virginia Tech, which has brought us all to tears and sorrow, have gotten incredible and justifiable coverage by the global media. However, there is one tragic situation over the last couple of weeks that has not garnered the deserved coverage despite our residence in this supposed Age of Information: the Duke rape case and prosecutor Mike Nifong.

One must wonder why Nifong will not serve time in prison for raping the three young men and the accuser. This case involved an alleged rape by men Nifong referred to as “hooligans.” Crystal Gail Mangum and Nifong manipulated the facts and the law for their own selfish and sickening agenda. Mangum was a willing participant who was encouraged to lie and divide a community for the sole benefit of Nifong's need to become credible as the white man who was finally standing up for black justice in Durham County, N.C. In his eagerness to enhance his own career by exploiting the black community, he ignored DNA evidence that would, early on, prove the innocence of these young men.

Mr. Nifong’s arrogant and indefensible disregard for the rule of law allowed him to ignore the duties he was sworn to uphold and apply fairly, regardless of race, creed, national origin or self-serving agenda. Why is it that this particularly disturbing story was swept underneath the media’s proverbial rug? Don't you agree that Mike Nifong should be punished for his travesty of justice? Perhaps he and his co-conspirator, Crystal Gail Magnum, should serve prison time together in the same cell.