I agree with Al Roker. Don Imus should be fired. His comments were completely inappropriate and embarrassing. But he is not the only person who says completing inappropriate and embarrassing things.

Night after night, CNN’s Lou DobbsLouis (Lou) Carl DobbsBartiromo, Pirro, Dobbs file to dismiss Smartmatic lawsuits Jim Jordan: Rising power on the right? Fox Corp. signs Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott to new multiyear deal MORE says the most vile and embarrassing things about people who risk life and limb to come to this country to try to make some money to take care of their families. He manipulates the news, trivializes an important debate, browbeats guests and shows the worst face of America to the world.

President Bush and Senate Republicans are trying to cross the partisan divide to get something done with the congressional majority on immigration. But Lou Dobbs has made that difficult process even harder with his nightly diatribes.

CNN tries to portray itself as the world news leader. But no matter how responsible and even-handed Wolf Blitzer tries to be, it is ruined by the Lou hour every night.

America is a country of immigrants. It always has been. Imagine if Pocahontas listened to Lou Dobbs every night warning about those damn English, flooding over the borders in rickety boats. I doubt she would have been so kind to the first American immigrants.

I have no sympathy for nativists, know-nothings and immigrant-bashers. America was built by immigrants, and our economy today is sustained by immigrants. Look at many of the heroes who are fighting to defend freedom today in Iraq, and you will see they are immigrants.

Don Imus said something stupid and he should be fired. That is the way of world today. He can get another job, or in this era of mass communication, he can start his own radio network and he will be successful. But night after night, Lou Dobbs not only says things that are stupid — he says things that are dangerous. If NBC and CBS are going to fire Imus, CNN should follow suit by firing Lou Dobbs.