Memo to Howard Dean: The DNC should offer to buy time on national television for the voice of Republicanism, Tom DeLay, to sing his praises for the Grand Old Party.

The Exterminator is back, leading the “Today Show,” the walking, talking advertisement for the Culture of Corruption.

Memo To Chris Van Hollen and Chuck SchumerChuck SchumerVideo of Lindsey Graham arguing against nominating a Supreme Court justice in an election year goes viral Graham signals support for confirming a Supreme Court nominee this year Pelosi orders Capitol flags at half-staff to honor Ginsburg MORE: Get out those old photos of the smiling Exterminator side by side with his proud and smiling Republican colleagues.

I can think of 21 Senate Republicans and 40 swing-district Republicans in the House who would be honored to stand by the man who killed bugs as he questions the patriotism of Democrats.

Come on Chris, Lou, Tucker, Joe, Tim and Wolf. Come one and all, book the Hammer to plug the book!

Come on, “American Idol”! Book the Hammer and Victoria Toensing, the Zelig of the CIA leak case, to debut a new dance they could call the Libby Pardon Waltz!

Where do they get these people?

When does the new wax museum open in Washington?

What will they think of next?