I’m still stunned by the verdict in the Scooter Libby trial. Stunned given that this case never should have seen the inside of a courtroom in the first place.

I was still a member of the White House staff when the President asked his staff to fully cooperate to determine if a federal employee had improperly disclosed the identity of a covert CIA operative. Rather than taking the 5th Amendment, as was his right, Libby fully cooperated with federal authorities seeking the truth of how Ms. Plame’s identity was revealed to Robert Novak.

It turns out, of course, that the special prosecutor assigned to this case knew two things early on. One, Ms. Plame was NOT a covert operative as defined by statute, and second, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the person responsible for revealing Ms. Plame’s name to reporter Robert Novak.

Despite all the bleating by Democrats on Capitol Hill and pundits on the cable outlets that this case revealed the White House manipulated intelligence for the war and a variety of other nonsense, the special prosecutor conducted an “investigation” when he knew that Scooter Libby did not improperly disclose Valerie Plame’s name or otherwise blow her covert cover. He wasted millions of dollars to "investigate” a question that had been answered early on: Armitage revealed Plame’s identity to Novak, not Libby or anyone else at the White House.

One only needs to look at the closing statement of the special prosecutor to uncover what this case was really all about: politics. Politics of personal destruction and politics invading the justice system. Why else would Fitzgerald say there was a cloud over the Vice President and a cloud over the White House.

The only cloud I see is a dark one that sits over the courthouse were a terrible travesty of justice took place. I hope that the president reviews the facts surrounding this terrible miscarriage of justice and grants a full pardon to Scooter Libby.