Remember the old Doonesbury cartoon from the Nixon days?

I had no doubt that Scooter wasn't going to scoot — but, who knows, maybe an appeal will work. Nevertheless, the appeal does one thing: it allows this administration to fail to "comment" on the inner workings of the Bush White House (or the inner discussions on the plan to discredit Joe WilsonAddison (Joe) Graves WilsonOvernight Defense: Erdoğan gets earful from GOP senators | Amazon to challenge Pentagon cloud contract decision in court | Lawmakers under pressure to pass benefits fix for military families Lawmakers under pressure to pass benefits fix for military families The Hill Interview: Sanford says Trump GOP doing 'serious brand destruction' MORE and Valerie Plame).

Cheney is guilty. Rove is guilty. Bush is guilty. They all participated in the efforts to get Wilson, and the cover-up. The sad part of all this for Libby is that he is taking the fall for the big boys. Everyone in the White House knows it. Everyone in Washington knows it. But for some strange reason — maybe we're tired, worn-out, over special-prosecutorized — they are all going to get away with it.

There is just no stomach for more investigations, for calling people up before Congress, for examining who-said-what-to-whom, and what did the Vice President and President know and when did they know it, to use the trite old phrase.

The big boys did get away with it. All they are required to do now is help raise the money to pay poor Scooter's millions in legal bills. Sad all the way around.