The Taliban claimed responsibility for a bomb blast outside of the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Tuesday. They said the attack was targeted at Vice President Cheney. Fortunately, the Secret Service acted quickly and moved the vice president to a bomb shelter on the base. Even though the vice president was unharmed we must not relax and think the ordeal is over.

First and foremost we should be outraged that an attempt on our vice president’s life was made by a group of religious students, influenced by Mullah Muhammad Omar through the institution of a strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law, who believe in public executions and punishments such as floggings that became regular events at Afghan soccer stadiums; who ban television, music and Internet that they consider “non-Islamic”; who condone the beatings of men who do not wear beards; who forbid girls to go to school; and who prevent women from working outside the home and prohibit them from leaving their home without a male relative. If they do leave without a male relative they are beaten, or shot.

These are the people who put the vice president of our country in danger. If confirmed that the Taliban was behind the attack, and I certainly have no doubt, then the U.S. should immediately take military action against the Taliban and hopefully wipe them out! Whatever the outcome may be, we are happy the vice president is OK.