Poor little Georgie. Pretty soon, he’ll have nobody left to play with.

Italy went home. Poland, Lithuania, and South Korea went home. And now Tony Blair says England’s going home, too.

Of course, Georgie and Dickie say this is actually good news. They claim it proves they’re winning the game of war they’re playing in Iraq.

But nobody believes them. Everybody knows this just makes Georgie and Dickie look all the more incompetent.

Even Georgie’s fellow Republicans understand that England never did really support Georgie’s war enthusiastically. If they did, they’d send their troops to Baghdad to help us out, instead of cutting and running back to the U.K.

Even Georgie’s fellow Republicans know this shows that England succeeded in Iraq where the United States has failed.

And even Georgie’s fellow Republicans recognize that Tony Blair is willing to listen to public opinion — while Georgie Bush doesn’t give a damn what the American people think.

The sad part is: Spoiled, stubborn little Georgie Bush is still in charge over there.

Too bad Tony Blair’s not our leader. Then maybe we could get our troops home, too.