Has anyone heard of John Cox? Apparently he is the author of the book “Politics, Inc.” and a candidate for president of the United States for 2008. He is a CPA, real estate broker, attorney and investment adviser, residing in Chicago, Ill., and financing his own campaign. John Cox says “we need more statesmen to enter politics — not more career politicians.”

Maybe Cox knows something we don’t know. We have been so conditioned to vote for the Clintons, Bushes, Reagans, and Kennedys of the world that we haven’t taken the time to think beyond the two-party system where two major political parties dominate the voting in nearly all elections. You have to ask yourself: Why are we so locked into a two-party system that we do not think about a third-party candidate? Are we getting the best and brightest candidates to run this country?

In a two-party system many electors are forced to engage in premeditated voting, voting for candidates that may not be their first choice, either to help an apparent potential “frontrunner” or to block a potential enemy. It is also like the Mob, where you are groomed for 15 to 20 years, training early to come up through the hierarchy.

There are times when I am reluctant to constructively criticize President Bush, as others have often done with their candidate. We all need to step away from this tunnel vision and question whether we are seeing our country’s best options for leadership, courage and values.