The Washington Press Corps continues to salivate over the Scooter Libby trial, even as the rest of the world seems more enamored with the death of former super-model Anna Nicole Smith. Hard to believe that either of these stories warrants much attention, but I find the Libby trial more interesting for the comments it produces not by the witnesses, but by the so-called "unbiased" analysts.

CBS veteran anchor Bob Schieffer offered his convoluted thinking on the whole affair; appearing on Washington Post radio, Schieffer lamented how "saddened" he was that reporters are constantly "duped" by this administration, led to believe that they are reporting information that only a few know (i.e. the Veep himself) only to later learn that it was part of a massive "leak campaign." To paraphrase Schieffer, "Reporters should be aware that they can be played like that..."

C'mon. Am I expected to believe that Bob Schieffer and others like him in Washington wouldn't write or report a story if they knew that somehow the press secretary on the other end was "leaking" it to him and any other who would get it on the air? That's the way the game is played! There's nothing criminal about the give-and-take between reporters and politicians' handlers to maximize a story's potency...that's why reporters care about what page their story appears on. Apparently, Judith Miller doesn't agree with Schieffer either; she went all the way to jail to protect her source and the integrity of the 4th Estate.

Methinks Bob protests too much, and the silly argument that he and reporters like him are the true victims is a story line that even soap opera fans wouldn't believe...