Anyone looking for statesmanship in the U.S. Senate should look no further than the remarks given this evening by Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) as he discussed the non-binding resolution registering disapproval with the president’s plan to increase troops and win the war in Iraq. Despite the posturing given by Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans that the non-binding resolution will send an important message to the president, Lieberman challenged his colleagues to have the courage to state their true intentions and vote on a resolution to cut off funding for the war. That is a step they will never take, of course.    

Lieberman correctly asserts that senators cannot unanimously vote to confirm Gen. Petraeus as the new commander in Iraq and yet support a resolution condemning his strategy for success that is predicated on sending more troops to Iraq. That, of course, is the true meaning of the term hypocrisy.

Unlike those running for reelection or jockeying to become president, Lieberman correctly points out that the world, not just posturing members of Congress on one end of Pennsylvania Avenue, is listening to the activity in the Senate — action that will do nothing other than embolden our enemies and depress the troops. Lieberman chastises his colleagues by noting that never before has Congress condemned the use of force that they themselves voted to authorize — particularly when American soldiers are in harm’s way, fighting and dying on the battlefield. Truly pathetic.

I only wish the senators supporting the resolution condemning the president’s new strategy in Iraq would have the courage to stand up and say what they truly believe: They want the President to lose a political battle at the expense of our brave men and women in uniform, who are fighting battles around the world every day to protect our freedom.  Battles in which real bullets are flying and real casualties are being sustained.

Bravo, Senator Lieberman. If only your colleagues had the courage and decency, as you did today, to take to the floor and be honest about your true position and intentions.