There was a news item recently that caught my attention. It was the report that San Francisco Mayor Gavin NewsomGavin NewsomVirginia's Youngkin gets the DeSantis treatment from media Equilibrium/Sustainability — Solar-powered cars on the EV horizon Newsom vows crackdown: Rail car looting like 'third world country' MORE had an affair with his campaign manager's wife. This would not be worth commenting on except, of course, it was Mayor Newsom who set up a drive-through same sex marriage window in San Francisco City Hall a few years ago. While appearing on Larry King when these marriages (later ruled illegal by the California Supreme Court) were being performed, Newsom stated: "I've got to say as well, I think we're affirming family...And I would challenge anyone that doesn't think that gay couples are an extension of the fabric of family to come to City Hall and see young kids, to see mothers and fathers with their sons and daughters that are engaging in bonds and extending themselves to loving relationships and affirming marriage."

It was ironic to see Newsom, who spoke so eloquently about "affirming family" and "affirming marriage" in the context of the gay marriage debate, acknowledging an affair with a married woman that recklessly undermines both family and marriage. Furthermore, it was not just anyone's marriage, but the marriage of his campaign manager, a close and dear friend of his. If marriage is, in Newsom's words, "engaging in bonds and...loving relationships," his actions give an indication of the value that he places on those bonds and loving relationships. Coming on top of his 2005 decision to end his own marriage to Court TV commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, it is becoming increasingly clear that, for someone who placed the importance of marriage at the heart of his mayoral agenda, the institution itself clearly does not mean that much to him. Perhaps we should not have been surprised when Mayor Newsom opened up City Hall to redefining marriage a couple years ago. It is starting to look like he never really understood the concept to begin with. I am most curious as to what convinced his campaign manager's wife to spill her guts about the affair to her husband. Stay tuned!