On her maiden voyage to Iowa, the outlines of Hillary's 2007 strategy have clearly emerged. Not surprisingly, all of her themes are driven by the polls.

First, she needs to energize her support among women and make herself attractive enough to overcome the gravitional pull of the Obama candidacy. In her attempt to court women, including those who have not voted before, Hillary spoke of the "double standard" that she faced as a woman running for office. While the polls continue to show support among women, there is no doubt that Obama has been a distraction and she has to solidify her base.

Second, she has to move herslf into the 'first ever' category. Seeking to recapture the stardust of being the first woman to run with a real chance of winning, she told supporters that she hoped that people would look past her "hair and dress" to assess her ability. (This from a woman who changed her hair-do forty times!) She said she didn't know if the country was ready for a woman, but that we would never know unless we tried and that she was determined to try. Her comments reflect her concern over Obama's domination of recent headlines and the nation's fascination with the first black candidate with a chance to win.

Hillary repeatedly referred to herself as a "mom", another key part of her strategy. To make issues like opposition to the war and support for education her own, she invokes her parentage of her 27 year old daughter as a way to gain an edge on these issues not available to other candidates. She will be out there positioning herself as the "The Mom President."

A third major theme she unveiled in Iowa addresses concerns among liberal voters that she cannot win in November. Their unease over her tendency to polarize the electorate led her to repeat all over Iowa what she said in her announcement: "I'm in. And I'm in to win." She reminded voters that she is a bare knuckles campaigner saying that she learned from the Kerry campaign that attacks have to be answered and those who dish them out "decked." (Far from learning from Kerry, she wrote the book on blasting and destroying opponents). The most recent Gallup Poll showed that the leading reason that liberals cite for nort supporting Hillary is fear that she can't win - a greater factor than disagreement with her over Iraq.

Being a woman, the perspective of motherhood, and ability to win are the three themes we will see over and over this year from Hillary. Be prepared. She's studying the polls.