Bush is going down, down, down despite the wacky FOX News poll after the
President’s State of the Union speech. They have to stop these viewer
phone-in polls. FOX “we distort, you decide” host Sean Hannity proudly
reported that 86% of their “fair and balanced” viewers proclaimed
Bush’s speech “excellent.” Oops.

Newsweek just came out with a real poll -- a poll that shows that 71% of
Americans view Bush as an Ineffectual Lame Duck, his approval is at 30%,
the lowest ever for Newsweek. And a resounding 58% wish the Bush
Presidency were simply over.

Even worse news for Bush’s legacy -- 49% prefer a Democratic President
in 2008, while only 28% want a Republican.

Iraq is the albatross around this President’s neck. And it is getting
heavier and heavier. He can not redeem his Presidency without a real
change in Iraq policy. But he is too stubborn to make that change.