Now we will see if Ted Kennedy really has it in for the Clintons!
Until now, he had to back John KerryJohn Forbes KerryBiden leads CNN poll, but Harris, Sanders on the rise Beto is the poor man's Obama — Dems can do better Joe Biden could be a great president, but can he win? MORE’s repetitive presidential bids
because of home-field loyalty. But with Kerry out, will Teddy line up
with Obama or Edwards against Hillary, fall in line with the Clintons,
or keep his mouth shut?

Watch for him to disregard all the Clintons’ wining and dining and
assert a sharp left turn away from Hillary’s centrism by backing
Edwards or Obama. Now Ted has the chance to pay Hillary back for her
hawkish views on the war and the Clinton administration’s habit of
marginalizing him for many years.

Stay tuned. Kennedy’s clout, charisma, and reputation with the left
will be worth a lot.