I can’t help it. Boy, am I tired of hearing my conservative friends referring to the “Democrat Party.” Bush did it again; the one place he managed to ad lib his text was to leave the “ic” off. As news reports and commentators have discussed for the last 24 hours, Bush and Republicans have tried to rename the Democratic Party for some time now. How about we call them the “Republican’t-do Party?” What do you think?

Really, is this petty or what? Who are they to change our name? And, you know, suppose we give them the “ic” and call them the “icky” party, how would that work in the school yard of American politics? OK, so my fellow media consultant friend, Alex Castellanos, tried to slip in the RAT of Democrat in a negative campaign ad several years ago. Pretty funny actually. A return to subliminal advertising? I doubt it. Those Republicans, they’re such kidders.

Renaming our party?….fahgetaboutit.

We are the Democratic Party, capital D, capital P, thank you very much.